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Hunger and Thirst Foundation:

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Hunger and Thirst Foundation is:

Hunger and Thirst Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that believes in changing the future by investing in future leaders today.

The typical day of a Hunger and Thirst Leadership and Sports Academy (LSA) pupil is as follows:

ChildHenry goes to school, it is a 2km walk from his home and he is joined by his friends from school. The school bell rings at 07:30 and Henry starts another day at school. After school, instead of going home Henry stays behind. He is enrolled in the Leadership and Sports Academy and that makes him a Young Leader.

At the LSA Henry receives his after school meal during Registration Period. Today he starts with sport first and a LSA Sport Coach takes the group of 15 outside to hone their sport skills. Sport is done and he now has a Mentor Period, during this time valuable leadership and life skills lessons are taught to him by a respected figure in the community.

As soon as that is finished, its back to working on his future in the Homework Period where a Homework Coach helps the group with their homework assignments. Henry's mother and father work late, so it's nice to have someone who explains the difficult things to him. Henry's day is finished and it's off to home to go play with his friends, today he invested in his own future. Child

The Hunger and Thirst Leadership and Sports Academy not only helps Young Leaders, but also creates employment for 109 community members for every 1 000 pupils enrolled in the Academy. Every enrolled Young Leader receives a food pack every week upon attendance. These food packs are packed with vitamins and minerals that these young leaders need to grow up healthy.

Children like Henry need a helping hand to reach their full potential and realise their dreams.


Hunger and Thirst News

January 2014 to April 2014

Hunger and Thirst Progress Report for the First Term of 2014.

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Founder’s Pen

Thank you for being part of a team of players, leading a winning game in developing the future leaders of our country, the CHILDREN.

I would like to quote John C. Maxwell: A Leader is "Becoming the Person others will want to follow".

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From Finance's Side

And so the end of February indicated that we had once again come to the end of yet another financial year. Whilst paging through the past year's financial files, I instinctively reflect on the past year. As a NPO (Non-profit-organisation), our responsibility to accountability is inevitable.

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Fun and Adventure

At the Teambuilding Academy we had fun the whole month; a total of 14 groups graced us with their presence during the month of March. All of these participants had one thing to say: "IT WAS A GREAT DAY, WE LEARNED A LOT AND WE HAD FUN." From the class room where we discussed the differences between us as individuals and all the mistakes we make, to crossing the river on only two cables and some planks, to the zip line ride. Here we got to know each other and realized that we are all together in this thing called life.

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Leadership Training Camp

I am pleased to give feedback on the LSA (Leadership and Sport Academy) members training held on 31 April 2014. This training was conducted by Riaan Van Wyk. The purpose of the training was to help staff members realize the importance of communicating and teamwork. Each LSA was divided into groups where they had to work together, share ideas and experiences amongst the group to accomplish goals, so that they could improve teamwork and develop a trusting relationship whilst working together.

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