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Hunger and Thirst Foundation:

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Hunger and Thirst Foundation is:

Hunger and Thirst Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation that believes in changing the future by investing in future leaders today.

The typical day of a Hunger and Thirst Leadership and Sports Academy (LSA) pupil is as follows:

ChildHenry goes to school, it is a 2km walk from his home and he is joined by his friends from school. The school bell rings at 07:30 and Henry starts another day at school. After school, instead of going home Henry stays behind. He is enrolled in the Leadership and Sports Academy and that makes him a Young Leader.

At the LSA Henry receives his after school meal during Registration Period. Today he starts with sport first and a LSA Sport Coach takes the group of 15 outside to hone their sport skills. Sport is done and he now has a Mentor Period, during this time valuable leadership and life skills lessons are taught to him by a respected figure in the community.

As soon as that is finished, its back to working on his future in the Homework Period where a Homework Coach helps the group with their homework assignments. Henry's mother and father work late, so it's nice to have someone who explains the difficult things to him. Henry's day is finished and it's off to home to go play with his friends, today he invested in his own future. Child

The Hunger and Thirst Leadership and Sports Academy not only helps Young Leaders, but also creates employment for 109 community members for every 1 000 pupils enrolled in the Academy. Every enrolled Young Leader receives a food pack every week upon attendance. These food packs are packed with vitamins and minerals that these young leaders need to grow up healthy.

Children like Henry need a helping hand to reach their full potential and realise their dreams.


Hunger and Thirst News

August 2013 to December 2013

Hunger and Thirst Progress Report for the Fourth Term of 2013.

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Founder’s Pen

Thank you to everyone that contributed to every opportunity that we as the Hunger and Thirst Family received. The first Crossfit Derby was a huge success and was enjoyed by both the public and participants. A big thank you to everybody that had a hand in organising the year-end function. This was a fun filled day which was definitely the high light of the year for most of the attendants.

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Photography Academy

During October 2013 the Hunger and Thirst Photography Academy trained seven members to operate as photographers and reporters in their different LSA's. They will take photos and report on any incident that is GOOD NEWS. These reports and photos will be published in a newspaper, called: "The Good News", that will be distributed freely in the different communities.

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The Teambuilding Academy

Last time I invited the readers of the progress report to join us and book a Team Building session. Quite a few readers responded and we are very proud to report successful outcomes on each of these Teambuilding sessions. The best report was "a notable behaviour change has taken place amongst our staff members" one CEO reported.

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The U.S. Ambassador's HIV/AIDS Community Grants Program

The United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), is a program that provides funding through certain organisations, to communities, for HIV/AIDS relief. According to Dr Steven Smith, founder of PEPFAR, Hunger and Thirst Foundation was one of hundreds of organisations that applied for the grant and was only one of a very few with a successful application.

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